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About This Game

In ZRoll you will encounter many difficult levels. You will need to jump over the platforms, use different mechanisms and collect ancient totems to earn achievements and pass the levels. The game has several levels. Each level can be passed with different time of day and weather.

- Challenging levels
- 300 achievments


Trading Cards


Title: ZRoll
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
KxONE, Andrew Drumov, starmops
Bitlock Studio
Release Date: 17 Apr, 2017


ZRoller (or "LandscapeMountains" as the game window is titled!) is about moving around as a heavy, unruly ball. The goal is to collect 51 fiery runes (called totems) in every level, however the counter in the game only goes up to 50.

There are 6 levels total, but each of them are just the same 1st level with various filters and lighting adjustments. The "3rd level" places a blur effect that is so badly implemented that the game lags on a really good PC.

The achievements are bugged. After completing the entire game and collecting every "totem", my achievements are still only at 84% because some of them never registered upon completion.

The design of the one level is of a small, enclosed space with some invisible walls and floating platforms that you need to magically hop around on. You can't move the camera to see what's around you so you can't plan very far ahead. It's super easy to fall, and to add to the difficulty, you don't know for certain what will happen to you due to the inconsistent barriers and the ball's fake shadow. You know how when you're trying to land on something in a game and you look to see where the shadow is down below in order to gauge where you're headed? That's not possible in this game. The ball does have a shadow but it's like it's 2-dimensional in a 3D world.

At first glance the game looks pretty but the assets the game uses were pre-bought or free and they are so poorly placed; there are floating patches of grass, grass stuck in walls, trees with no collision, trees WITH collision, and for some reason the upper part of the area is a fire asset that has (yet again) been poorly added. The music itself I kind of like but it loops endlessly with no variation.

Lastly, another example of the lack of effort put into this game is that even the cards are lame, named after the assets ... some of the greats being "Tree" and "Water Plants".

I do not recommend buying this game even if it's on sale, as it will give money to someone who wants cash for no effort. Achievement hunters, stay away. You might not be able to 100% the 300 achievements. The developer responded in the discussion forum to a player who complained about the bug and said it was fixed but that was before I got the game and it's still broken.

All in all, a lovely 1\/10.. Remarkable game! Interesting and difficult levels. Graphics is very good. Convenient management, various tasks. A game very much was pleasant! I want to play all game and to wait for new levels.. Game ovrall is good, concept is great but exectution is far from perfect.
- Store page says "In ZRoll you will encounter many difficult levels" , but its only 1 same level with different ambient effects and time of day, so in order to get all achievments you need to complete same map 6 times...
- If ball falls off from big height (like from red booster) it clips through the ground and all you can do is exit and start level again from the start
- No restart level option or checkpoint system
So its basically 1 level right now, if devs will add new levels and fix major bugs i will change my mind but as for now its just like demo.. + it looks nice
+ controls are okay
+ game is stable
+ it's extremely comfy
- it's only 1 level eventhough it says 6, just different lighting
- it's very short
- no replay value

would recommend if the game was longer, has more than one level and would be multiplayer coop. for now it looks more like a tech demo.. Billy was a young kid.
He wanted a game where he could get all the achievements (easy).
He found ZRoll.
Billy bought this game.
He played it for a while.
Got cancer.
Billy died after few days.
Dont be like Billy.
\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 this game.. I usually like games with balls in them. Usually, however this isn't one of this times.
I don't understand how or why this is getting positive reviews. This feels like like a tech demo to me, and it seems to be showing off some very low quality tech.

The game defaults to a window mode. When you enlarge the window it's fine, but if you click off screen and come back it resizes back to a floating window. There is no options at all on the main menu just a level selection, the options is only accessable from in game.

When finally checking out the options screen I noticed the game defaulted to 1280 x 720 instead of 1920 x 1080 (my monitor resolution) and high rather than ultra graphics. You can change it but if you leave the game and come back it will reset.

The ball doesn't handle very well. I tried a controller and keyboard and it actually handles far better with a keyboard, unlike every other ball game I've played which plays better with a controller.

The platforming is terrible at best as you go through a very uninspired level. What about the other levels though, there's 6 right? Well, not really. Even though it says there are "6 levels", it is always the exact same level but with slightly different lighting and different weather. The weather seems to be purely cosmetic too..

Also what's up with the name of this game? In Steam it's listed as ZRoll. On the buy screen it says "Buy tbs", and when the game is running it seems to be called "Landscape Mountains".

There is one positive thing about this game and only one. There is this really nice visual effect (particle effect?) you see when you collect one of the totems. It's really nice and I like that a lot. It's funny though, it almost seems like far more work has gone into this one special effect than the entire rest of the game combined.

First Impressions \/ Gameplay:
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I don't recommend this game at all. It's horrible. I wouldn't even recommend this if it was free. Every single other game where you are a rolling ball that I've played is far far superior to this one in every possible way.. - "6 Levels" No, only 1, the shadow change, that all.....
- Game Crash....
- At the end of a level, nothing happen, 50\/50, nothing, you need to exit and restart the game to choose the next level

Steam should have a new rule : Release a bad games\/scam like this one = Dev banned of steam\/greenlight. cannot 100% recomend but for the price is a good game to kill time, once you get a hang of the controls the only thing you will be annoyed is to restart long parts. otherwise is not bad

edited review = still ok with this game, but should be even cheaper considering 6 levels are just the same with different fx, was too lazy to even randomize the things you need to collect lol

kudos to the creator though, created a game that makes people retur...

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