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Ways to Make Beats - Uncomplicated Steps To get You Started

You will discover some straightforward actions to stick to for anyone who is learning how you can make beats. The method of creating your own personal beats is enjoyable, having said that, it could be frustrating when you never know exactly where to begin. Right here are some concepts to help you when attempting to make your own beats.

Being aware of the style of beat you would like to create could be the first step. Choose whether or not you want a rap, hip hop, pop, country, r&b, jazz, etc. type of beat. This will keep you focused on the type of beat you happen to be trying to achieve and assistance to obtain you start out on the right path.

Thinking of an artist who you would like to make a beat for will assist you achieve the type of beat that you are looking for. If you choose to produce a rap beat, choose an artist that you would like to create a beat for. Figuring out the artist's music will assist you to focus on the type of beats the artist sings over and assist you focus on the type of beat you are attempting to create.

Once you have nailed down the type of beat you would like to produce, you will need to format the song. The most basic song format is 2 or 4 bar intro, 16 bar verse, 8 bar chorus, 16 bar verse, 8 bar chorus, 16 bar verse, 8 bar chorus or you can just do an 8 bar loop. It would be a good idea to listen to the music of the artist you happen to be looking to create a beat for to see how their songs are formatted.

Next you will want to begin creating your beat with drums. Record a pattern for four bars with kick, snare, and hi hat 1st. Then layer that with some other sounds like toms. Your drums need to hit hard and they are the most important component to making a beat. Now you will be ready to create the melody. Add in some other instrumental sounds such as guitar, horns, etc.

Now that you have made the beat you desire, you can just layer the beat by using the same pattern you did with one instrument with a different instrument. This will fill in any gaps in your beat and make it sound better.

These tips should make it easier to learn how you can make beats with less frustration and have fun while doing it!

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