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VR Squash 2017 Torrent

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About This Game

Real competitive squash experience in VR - feel hitting the ball with your virtual racket!

Beat four increasingly difficult AI enemies in squash with your skills! The unique enemies will use different tactics to try to defeat you, difficulty is ranging from Sam the Slow to Chad the Champion! Are you up to the challenge?

Key features
  • built for HTC Vive from start
  • 4 different maps with different AI enemies
  • free practice mode
  • three locomotion types: controller based touch movement, head based press movement, teleport
  • realistic physics
  • VR Only

Title: VR Squash 2017
Genre: Simulation, Sports
David Cseh
David Cseh
Release Date: 20 Nov, 2017


vr squash 2017

I really like Squash IRL. It is a fun sport and I have played it a lot in my "previous" life. And as much as I would like to enjoy this game as well, I just can't. This is really a completely unfinnished product in every single way. Ball physics is really bad and basically not working, movement scheme is impossible to use, grahpics is sub par etc etc. I would say this title, in its current state is alpha or even pre-alpha. And to ask 19\u20ac for it is a scam. It is an obvious refund. Stay away until the developers has made this in to a real working products, or at least until they have a beta build to show.. The game has potential it's just super unpolished. The first thing I did was teleport into the sky,walk right off the court, and start falling through an endless Unity void.

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