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About This Game

"Come into my dungeon, and show me your strength... I will crush your sword and bones in return. Many so-called heroes tried to plunder my treasures and their skulls are now part of my impressive collection... Run away while there’s still time!"

VERLIES II is a ruthless dungeon crawler game. The player embodies a hero he can select from eight brave adventurers willing to enter a mysterious dungeon filled with ancient forgotten treasures.

The game revolves around a village where the player is offered many different services (blacksmith, merchant, magician, inn, money games etc.) so he can get ready and go as far as possible in the depths of the cursed dungeon. Relentless monsters, numerous treasures, ferocious traps, immersive puzzles, many dangers await him inside, especially as death is final.

Unlike many games that only offer quests that are easy to solve, everything that stand on the way of the player in VERLIES II was conceived to stop it.
Only the bests and most determined will feel the pride of experiencing the end!

- Beautiful and immersive comic style graphics
- A gigantic dungeon with completely randomly created floors
- Several millions of randomly created stuff to loot!
- Permadeath
- Numerous game mechanics to discover and mastering
- Come to challenge a hundred of monsters specifically designed to kill you
- Solve many quests and puzzles
- Many heroes to unlock
- Nervous and addictive combat system
- Original skill system, which requires optimization and tactical decisions
- And many secrets and things to discover!

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Koya Game
Koya Game
Release Date: 25 Sep, 2015


  • OS: 64 bits
  • Processor: Dual Core 3 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 400 MB available space


This was close to being a good game, but is destroyed by the imbalance. It's exceedingly difficult to get started - the rewards for the risk are not worth it. A few simple changes would fix this - the hero goes to a different dungeon with each attempt, and if he leaves before killing the boss, that dungeon is over. You should never come back from a successful run in worse shape than you started. Give the player a chance to rest, recover, and try again on a new dungeon without the constantly advancing difficulty,. This game is great and achieves exactly what it sets out to do.

Very easy to pick up and play, tempting to jump in and try another run.

The combat system, while a little funky, is actually fairly tense at times - interesting way to handle it.

Fun marriage between old school dungeon crawler and roguelike.

Interesting skills let you build your own custom character each try.

Surprisingly in depth item system.

Broken english is endearing.

I don't understand the negativity from others in reviews, not everything can be a AAA epic and I think this little project was a huge success.. This is a frustrating and unforgiving game. Death is PERMANENT, so if you die, you have to start over from the beginning.
A lot of the game is luck, ie. you may or may not end up with enough gold at the end of a level to get better gear and restock your potions.
If you are really into RPGs, and like a challenge, you will probably like it. Otherwise, avoid it.. This game feels grindy in a sense. By grindy I mean you have to grind the dice game in the Inn for money so you can buy better gear and lots of health potions. There's no skill to that. If you were to purely rely on what the game gives you by chance you would have none to survive. There's seems to be very little skill involved in battles as well. Every so often an enemy attacks at a certain increment of speed and you block it, in between the attacks you swing your sword. If you decide you have to leave the dungeon for whatever means the game punishes you for leaving by costing you experience. If you fall behind too far in experience you will be out scaled by the monsters in the dungeon. After killing bosses on a dungeon floor you have to play an annoying pixel hunting minigame of find the gem or pickaxe or stone in a wall to continue. This really adds nothing to the game besides nuisance. The game literally shows you what room a gem is in and you will be moving your cursor around trying to find it even though it should be in plain view. If you die the game doesn't take you to the main menu. It literally restarts the game alt tabbing you to windows in the process. I just can't recommend this to anyone at the moment.. Just requested a REFUND. The dev seriously needs to re-think how certain aspects of the game should work.

As for being a difficult game, I can live with that,\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665I grew up playing Wizardry I on the Apple IIe and then the PC, talk about unforgiving and difficult? I beat that game multiple times and it was very difficult compared to today\u2019s games.

The problem with Verlies II is NOT it's gameplay difficulty, but the ridiculous and annoying controls, plus highly illogical rules that limit the player. Let me explain.

1. Using the 'F' key to move forward instead of the standard 'W' key as in most games, you know the WASD control.

When you are in the dungeon, you face one of four possible directions just like in most other games of this type, yet to move forward you HAVE to focus your cursor over the opening and then press F and not W, that is ridiculous! Now, saying that... IF the opening in front of the hero had something like a shut, or locked door, then placing the cursor over it, and pressing 'F' to unlock (if you have a key), or to turn the knob to open a door would be understandable, but so far in the time I played, all the openings are simple black passages to simulate the darkness leading into the next chamber. Since the openings are unobstructed and as easy as walking from one room in your house to the next via an arch or opening, a simple press of the 'W' key to move forward would suffice. Also, if perhaps a single direction had more than a single exit, or path\/door then placing the cursor over the proper door, or opening you wish to exit through makes sense, but in all the time I've played I've only seen a single opening\/path in any one direction. Again a simple press of 'W' would suffice.

2. Exiting the Dungeon

When you enter the dungeon, you CAN NOT simply turn around and exit, even though when you do turn around, you see the cavern exit and the forest (trees, grass, etc..) on the other side of the exit. Essentially, there is nothing to keep you from simply turning around and walking out, especially if you've wandered around a bit and took a beating and need to get back to town for supplies or to heal. When you try to leave you get some BS excuse that you have too much pride to leave the dungeon. COME ON! If you are really set on such a ridiculous rule (not allowing the hero to exit via the opening they just entered from, use a little imagination and get creative. For example... "You enter the dungeon and look about the first chamber. As you are examining the chamber you hear a deep, rumble... the room begins to shake and then a loud crash... then darkness! You spin around to see the entrance to the dungeon\/cave has caved in and there is no amount of digging that would allow you to leave this place from whence you came! Tis up to thee hero to find another means of escaping this dunjon!" Wala, instant logical explanation and more realistic method for keeping a player from leaving the dunjon whenever he, or she wishes to.

3. No control customization!

How many games have you played where they use a modified WASD control scheme where Q and E actually turn you left, or right? Well, in this game, the 'E' key = drink a health potion. Do you know how many times I've been in the dunjon and tried to turn and my sub-conscious simply hit the 'E' key because two of the other games I play use the 'E' key to turn right? Well, it's safe to say I've wasted countless potions by accidentally hitting E instead of D to turn right. This can be simply remedied by allowing the user to customize their movement and function keys.

There are a few other issues that irk me... Here is one more...

4. Using a shield to block.

This game's combat is not turn based, but real time. The monster moves from left to right, and vice versa all the time you must position your cursor over the creature before swinging your weapon or you'll end up missing the target. Combat is really a timing game because you need to see how many strikes you can get in before you must press the other mouse button to raise your shield and defend the monster's attack. This so far is fine and can be quite enjoyable, but there is a problem in that even using the shield properly doesn't negate the damage taken by the monsters attack. It may lessen it, but if you are low on health, have no more health potions, and a simple hit or two is going to kill you, then you might as well restart because there is NOTHING you can do to survive the next encounter, and you aren;t going to move more than a room or two before that next encounter happens. Remember as per issue #2 above, you also can't turn around and head back to town and rest, heal, or stock up on supplies, so once you are in the situation just mentioned, your game is OVER even though you aren't quite dead yet. The next fight and a single hit or two regardless of whether blocked or not, ends up killing you. A better way to have implemented the shield would be one of the following...

A) Have the monsters movement and strike timing alternate between 1 or 2 speeds during a battle, so you can't simply get used to a creatures timing and then strike\/block without danger of harm. With this method, you can have a shield block all damage from a strike that is successfully blocked with the shield. The slight randomness to a monster's attack pattern can trip up a player who may miss a block with the shield and thus the monster makes a hit that realistically kills the hero. That would be acceptable.

B) Have the shield only able to block a certain amount of strikes before the hero MUST repair it himself in the dunjon, or purchase a replacement shield to replace the now broken one. For this to work, the dev needs to either a) allow the hero to repair a shield with materials found in the dungeon, or b) Allow the hero the option of exiting the dunjon when he needs to go to town to have the smith repair or sell the hero a new shield.

Well, there are a few other things not worth mentioning because they will make this already long review even worse. I have requested a REFUND and will not purchase this game until some changes are made. I only hope the dev listens to this review and similar complaints in the forums and makes the right choices. I know I would have no problem returning to Verlies II, if these issues are remedied. As it is i would NOT recommend this game to anyone.. Want to see gameplay before you buy?\/watch?v=j9jw2zAdTlU\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=j9jw2zAdTlU<\/a>

At this point I think this game has some potential but I was not able to achieve a rewarding experience in my many attempts at it. Each attempt was met with the same death, in the same room no matter how many different and "random" things happened in the dungeon. I'm sure there are people who get some enjoyment out of the difficulty of the game and the fact that it's pretty much based on your own personal luck stat.
I feel like they could make some small changes\/improvements and it would be a much better game.. Great game if you have patience and are willing to learn the tricks. I finished it in 44 hours. The trick is to dice yourself to about 500 money then buy some armour points and a good light sword. Sharpen sword and enchant items when possible.
Get to about 250 HP and unlock Torrek. He is much easier to play.. When you rage quit from a game and you immediately want to give it another try, you know you've got something special.
Verlies II is a first person dungeon crawler, with real-time combat and grid based deplacement.
And it wants you dead.
Yep, according to the Master, death is the only thing you rightly deserve.
Let's prove him wrong, shall we?
In order to do that, you'll have to master combat precision, actively aiming at the monsters, and timing, to block with your shield and manage breath\/endurance. It's a fun and solid system and you may soon try to block "frame perfect" in the vain hope it will mitigate more damage :p or you will die miserably for it was obvious this 5th strike in a row was dumb.
You'll have to master the odds in a game of dice for you'll need tons of money to buy keys, health potions, repair your so fragile stuff, cure poison, sharpen a blade, ID artefacts way too high level for you but rejoice! The smith can "standardize" it (remove the level restriction) for a mere 30 gold coins, less than a night at the inn! That's one of the only "gift" in an otherwise harsh and tight economy.
You'll have to take lots of risks. The boss is down, should you delve deeper straight away for an XP boost or should you take the chance to go back to town as it's the only moment it's free of charge? On the brink of death, do you tail back in the middle of a floor with XP loss or do you pick up that probably trapped healing basket? Yeah, you should have trekked back...
You'll have to die, over an over, for there's no tutorial and the game is mean and nasty. But like in the best rogue-likes where exploration and experimentation are key, it wraps up in the long run and I dare say Verlies really shines, carrying the torch of classics with strength.
You'll probably have to specialize. There's not so many level ups and there's a lot of skills, actives and passives. Classics like shield bashing or alchemy for instance, and not so classic ones, like a heal paid by XP or an instant kill spell that eats up your total mana pool.
Floors layout, monster population, loot and traps are all randomly (procedurally?) generated. Level tone and design change every 3 floors and while there's no lush vistas nor DX12 features, the comic-style graphics are lovely (though I miss the naked blacksmith from the first opus^^)! Sound is good, atmospheric and creepy, or dumb and funny like that cash register trading sound.

So, this review's a mess... I hope it stills shows of much I enjoy this love letter to the genre!
I cannot recommend it enough. Two blue thumbs up out of a puddle of blood.
N'cha!. 1. See game in the Store. Art looks great. It's a roguelike? I'm in!

2. See mixed reviews. What are they complaining about? Difficulty too hard? No problem! Unskippable intro animation? Boo! Annoying puzzle minigame? Ugh. Needless delays in the dice game? Boo!

3. See patch notes. The developer has fixed all the complaints! You can now turn off the unskippable animation, skip the minigame, and play the dice game instantly. Wow!

4. Realize that this is a developer that cares about the players and responds to community feedback. Realize that the issues raised in the negative reviews have been fixed. Yay!

5. Buy game at full price.

6. Play game. It's fun. Horray!

7. Game crashes. Boo!

8. Restart game? Nope. Game leaves some processes running and won't restart.

9. Reboot.

10. Restart game? Yes!

11. Play game. It's still fun. Horray!

12. Game crashes. Won't restart. Reboot. Restart game. Crash. Reboot. Crash. Reboot.

13. Request refund.

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