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The Man From Down Under Full Movie In Hindi 720p

The Man From Down Under Full Movie In Hindi 720p ->>>

Original Title: The Man From Down Under

Genge: Action,Comedy,Drama,War












































A crusty old Sergeant of the Queen's Australian army in World War I befriends a small orphaned boy and his tiny sister on the night he is to go back to Australia. The Sergeant emotionally decides to take them with him. He raises the boy and sends the girl to a prominent girl's school. As adults, the boy becomes the national boxing champion of Australia and the girl is a polished and beautiful young woman. As it is mentioned at the beginning of the movie, the boy has become orphaned, and the girl was a ward of the family, without either child's knowledge. This is a lovely film. However, the growing love between the boy and girl are a bit unbelievable beyond sibling love, but yes, it goes there. Afraid, they separate. This is an innocently presented movie about the old guy, his care and affection for the children even through adulthood, his desire to make them happy and safe, and the "miracle" that the kids are not siblings after all, since they are in love.
I wouldn't really know how to summarize the plot of The Man from Down Under, since it doesn't really know what type of movie it wants to be. It's a family drama, a romantic comedy, a war movie, a boxing movie, a film of a reckless patriarch, and, just for good measure, they throw a bit of incest into the plot. If you think it would be fun to watch all those elements in one film, then by all means, rent it. Personally, I was glad when the end credits rolled.

Charles Laughton plays an Australian soldier returning home from World War One. Before he leaves France, he promises to marry Binnie Barnes, a local hooker, but he gets into a fistfight and forgets all about it. Then, he runs across two orphaned children, adopts them, and brings them back to Australia. Turns out, the kids aren't really brother and sister, and when they grow up-even though neither one is aware of that detail-they become attracted to one another. That part of the plot was seriously disturbing. Donna Reed and Richard Carlson play the adult children, and while neither one even tries to put on an accent, even if they had, their performances would still be laughably awful. Charles Laughton isn't bad-even though his idea of an Australian accent is a Cockney accent-but his character is so unlikable he gets on your nerves pretty quickly. I thought the movie would focus on the tenderness he feels for his children, but instead he sends his daughter off to boarding school and just teaches his son how to box. That's not very tender, and as he's shown as a manipulative, hot-headed gambler during the rest of the film, there's not much to root for. While this is certainly not a great film, it is one of the better Allied propaganda films to come out of Hollywood during WWII. This story is unusual in that it concerns Aussies--a topic seldom covered in American pictures. Charles Laughton is sort of an "everyman" who you come to like. His life is going swimmingly until the Japanese attack. Forced to defend himself, his loved ones and his homeland, this ordinary guy rises to the occasion. I liked this because instead of a macho hero like Clark Gable or even Dana Andrews, Laughton is just so pudgy and ordinary that I think the message got across that war is won by the common people. A nice job of acting and writing--well worth watching.

The only thing that was unsettling about the film was the weird relationship between "brother and sister" Richard Carlson and Donna Reed. That was just plain creepy! Otherwise, a lot of fun...


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