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The Incredible Kung Fu Master Full Movie Hd 720p Free Download

The Incredible Kung Fu Master Full Movie Hd 720p Free Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: The Incredible Kung Fu Master

Genge: Action,Comedy









































In a small town somewhere in 19th-century China, two brothers, each using their own particular style of martial arts, defeat a bully of a fighter who is terrorizing the town. In the ensuing celebration, a debate among the townspeople arises over which of the brothers has the best style, and the brothers become bitter rivals, neither of which is willing to admit that the other is his equal. Each sets up a martial arts school in the town. Years pass. A rich stranger comes to town with his two sons, and he places them in the two martial arts schools: One son in one school, and the other son in the other school. He vows to return in two years to test their knowledge. Meanwhile: Kung Fu Ching is a local boy in the town, and Ching is an unabashed martial arts fanatic who is trying to develop his own style of kung fu. He meets up with a wandering winemaker who also knows a lot of kung fu, and who encourages Ching to study more than one style of martial arts. Ching begins attending the martial arts school set up by the two feuding brothers mentioned above. They find out and kick him out of both schools. In desperation, he turns to the wandering winemaker and asks the winemaker to teach him his style of kung fu. After two years, the rich stranger returns to the town, and confesses that he is the brother of the bully the two brothers defeated years ago, and he has come to exact revenge. His two "sons" were merely spies he hired to provide him with information about the kung fu style of the two brothers. He handily defeats the two brothers individually, but when they toss aside their differences, they manage to do slightly better. But it takes the timely arrival of Kung Fu Ching to hand the rich stranger the defeat he so richly deserves... which point the original bully arrives with eight henchmen. He's spent the all his time since his unfortunate defeat training in new styles of kung fu. Kung Fu Ching runs back to his master, and they prepare for the final showdown...
Sammo Hung did everything right with this movie. Where shall I begin to pile on the praise? I'll start with the little guys, the minor characters who briefly do their thing and never come back. Even these guys resonate and stay in my head adding another layer of fullness. There's actually a plot that gets developed so I had something to think about before the good fights start and the beer buzz kicks in. The fights are all well done and that's why I'm watching. Each fight perfectly fits the characters fighting and reveals character and advances the action on top of being just plain entertaining. All the fight choreography was creative and the execution excellent. Is there anything wrong with this movie? Yes. If you are not a fan of old school kung fu movies, if you cannot read subtitles or cannot turn off in your mind the bad dubbing, there's no sense watching this - you just won't "get it". This is not one of those movies that "transcends the genre" as the cliché goes. So just between me and the rest of the fans that "get it" this movie rates no less than a 7.8 .
Steve Tung Wei stars as a young man named Kung Fu Chin. He really wants to be a great kung fu fighter and tries to learn as many styles as he can. The 2 teachers he is learning from have become rivals, and he has also found a 3rd teacher. Sammo Hung plays the 3rd teacher and tells Kung Fu Chin that kung fu is like food, eat all that you can as long as it's good. So while Kung Fu Chin is learning all the kung fu he can, Phillip Ko has a plan to kill the 2 rival teachers. He sends in 2 spies and says they are his sons.

Nothing much happens in this movie, it is just your standard kung fu flick where a kid gets picked on, learns kung fu, and then takes revenge. The training sequences are some of the best I have ever seen. Tung Wei can do things with his body that made me cringe. I only wish I was a tenth as flexible as him.

The final 25 minutes is non-stop action. It is missing the intensity, but the choreography is certainly there. It's a shame they didn't put much into the fighting until the last few fights. At least it was a nice surprise to see so many good fights after so many average ones. Sammo looks brilliant, Phillip Ko looks as good as he always does, and Lee Hoi San and Steve Tung Wei also do great work. Lee Hoi San's performance comes close to matching his work in Magnificent Butcher. Austin Tin Chi Wai has a good cameo where he fights Sammo, but still, the kung fu is just lightweight. Only in Phillip Ko's fight did I get a real feeling of excitement. If you are looking for hardcore kung fu action with Tung Wei, check out Killer Wears White (AKA Shadow Ninja) which can be found in the Martial Arts 50-Pack. Killer Wears White is fast, furious, and downright brutal. Incredible Kung Fu Master is just a walk in the park. This is a kung fu movie the kids can watch.


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