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Thanksgiving Day Mosaic Torrent Download [hack]

Thanksgiving Day Mosaic Torrent Download [hack]

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About This Game

Thanksgiving Day Mosaic is an original puzzle game for all the family to enjoy! Pick out a turkey, bake pies, buy gifts, decorate the house and have people over! Bring Thanksgiving Day Mosaic into your home on Thanksgiving. Give yourselves and your loved ones a true holiday experience!

Thanksgiving Day Mosaic is full of mosaic puzzles made of 6 different materials: wood, cloth, glass, paper, gemstones and metal. Assemble the patchwork puzzles and guess the picture: holiday traditions, original home decorations, the bounties of nature, the autumn harvest, family ties, Black Friday, Indian life, the history of the Plymouth colony and settlers from England.

Assemble all the mosaics and find out new things about this holiday of the harvest and gratitude. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of warm autumn relaxation with your friends and family! Apple pies, stuffed turkeys, traditional parades, the horn of plenty, fields of ripe corn and pumpkins… All this awaits you in Thanksgiving Day Mosaic.

- 120 unique puzzles patchwork mosaics
- Make any purchase - turn off ads!
- 6 locations and 6 different materials
- Storyline and themed holiday setting.
- Special quests and 18 trophies for the real pros
- More than 10 hours of gameplay with beautiful calming and cheerful music
- Entertaining gameplay for players of all ages
- Use bonuses and earn new ranks 7ad7b8b382

Title: Thanksgiving Day Mosaic
Genre: Casual
Release Date: 24 Oct, 2018


thanksgiving day mosaic game. thanksgiving day mosaic

I paid 49 cents (US dollars) for this game so it would have to have been very bad for me to not recommend it. Luckily it is fine. The mosaics have more pieces than I have seen in similar games but are still easy to do. In my opinion the music is a little annoying but you can always turn that off. Then again you might like it. The pictures are a weird mixture of traditional Thanksgiving scenes, Indigenous people and shoppers enjoying the holidays. There is even a recreation of Columbus coming ashore. The game description says there are 120 mosaics but there are only 72. Just as in other games there are 6 locations but they only have 12 mosaics each instead of the usual 20. They probably couldn't come up with 120 different mosaics given the theme. Anyway I would recommend the game if you like doing mosaics and puzzles but only if it is on sale.

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