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Sound Shift Ativador Download [Ativador]

Sound Shift Ativador Download [Ativador]

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About This Game

Sound Shift is a VJ style music visualiser mixed with a simple arcade shooter.

Shoot targets to earn credits which can be spent to unlock new videos and FX.

Music is streamed directly from your computer's audio output, so you can use sound from any source including on-line streaming services. 6d5b4406ea

Title: Sound Shift
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown
Release Date: 26 Aug, 2015


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Just got thisgame and it is AMAZING. I love the credit option. It gives a lot of different effects to the game. 5/5 all the way!. It's not the worst I've played... But to call it a game is a stretch. Heres my breakdown.

The Good:
Lightweight. Despite being pretty to look at, it's not that intencive. This is Unity at it's most streamlined, I think.

Uses external audio, so you can literally use anything. Go for it. Literally any website, format of audio\/video, or anything like that is usable.

The Bad:
Movement controls. What made Audiosurf so playable was the quick, mouse-based controls. It made moving left to right easy, sharp, and accurate. This is simply clunky in comparison. Even with a gamepad, the analogs just don't feel "good".

Uses external audio. While it can use anything, it's also not user friendly. Being lightweight isn't an excuse to force the player to use another program to play music\/media.

The Ugly:
Firing controls. Firing is music-based. And the special secondary weapon is time-based. Everything is automatic. Which means theres no chance to actuallly use skill, because the only thing you can do is go left or right. Sniping blocks or even destroying all of one block becomes a chore as you pray that this riff causes enough shots, and hoping that you don't "run out" when you have a strong on 10c blocks.

Zero consiquence for missing blocks. This makes some sense as firing is automatic, random and skill-less, but theres literally no insentive to play this. Just fire up a random playlist and let it play itself on repeat while you're at work and sleeping. I bet you'd have all the upgrades in a few days or so. Idle games can be fun, but this could be so much more...

Uses external audio. Yes. It's greatest flexibility is it's greatest weakness. Being able to read off the audio output is a nice feature, but it shouldn't be the ONLY way to play. It ruins immersion, and really makes it feel more like what it is; Not a game, but a semi-interactive visualizer.

I'd recomend it simply because it is pretty, and makes music fun to watch... But as a game, it's kind of a flop.

Visuals: 11\/10
Gameplay: 1\/10. Sounds Shift takes any song played by your system and uses it to estabilish the rhythm and speed of the whole game: you'll get two game modes where you either shoot at targets ( both static and moving) or have to dodge them while moving close enough to gather points.
While sporting decent visuals and being fun in quick burts its gameplay is sadly too shallow to have any kind of staying power making Sound Shift a pretty bland and forgettable experience.


-once you unlock a few visual mods (and the ability to mix them) the game will look quite pretty

-being able to choose any song played on your system, regardless of source, gives you lots of freedom

-gathering the points to unlock all visual and effect mods will take a few hours


-very simple gameplay with little variation and basically no way to fail, it can get dull fast

-no leaderboards, no high scores or any kind of purpose to gameplay except gathering points

-doesn't work too well with low tempo songs as your fire rate is also tied to the music

-the lack of mouse support was a big surprise for me, keyboard or controller work decent enough but lack the smoothness a mouse would have and this is something that the "dodge" mode sorely needs


Sound Shift isn't an horrible game at all, it's pretty decent actually and the first few songs'll be fun as you slowly gain points and unlock new visuals: but after an hour you'll realize there's basically no variance in what you're playing as there's just one flat path and only a few types of blocks coming your way.

The game is also infinite as it goes on and on until you quit, the fact it streams whatever your system is playing rather than single tracks means you can forget about online leaderboards or even just local high scores: after a bit I felt as if it simply lacked purpose and even more so once you've unlocked everything thus making gathered points useless.

Ultimately I can't recommend Sound Shift due to how bland the gameplay feels, there's simply much better rhythm based games out there: still it might be a decent purchase (especially at its 1$ sale price) for players looking for a simple game to play during a break or people wanting a very easy game to try and get into the genre.. Zap your way through your music library. Has a built in visualizer.. I can't even move. Sound shift is strangely satisfying. Great game and is definitely worth £1.99. My cat was literally staring at my computer screen while I was playing this.
10/10 cat approved visuals~


Also a better shooter than CoD!. PRETTY \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ING...

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