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About This Game

The battle between humans and the devil was a very long time. The victory was for the humanity many years ago. The sectarians tried to summon Satan, but it was in vain. But in the last battle he promised to come back ....

The main character is a plain guy. What side will he decide to accept? Will he want to remain faithful to God or take the power ...

Key feature -

Partly non-linear progression

Huge world

Sandbox,no one's stopping you do what you want

there are several various of endings

unforgettable adventures

many moral choices
and a possibility to
visit hell and heaven a09c17d780

Title: Soul of the Devil
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation
Ziga Games
Release Date: 12 Jun, 2016


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This game is some really confusing stuff and that is why it got such negative reviews. That's the least I'll say to begin with.

First of all, there are some of the languages and texts that are still in Russian. I'm a simple man, I can't read Russian. Moreover, the English translation is just really horrible in many places. Even the menus are translated horribly. WIth such a struggle to read the text and what to do, the game becomes a grind in many places it shouldn't be.

The game also throws you in the middle of a world with a bunch of places to go, but I had no clue what I was supposed to do. Perhaps it was also because the translation was so bad that I was clueless of what was going on, but I was so highly confused by what to do, where to go, and what the hell I was playing in general.

That aside, the combat for this game was a refreshing taste from the usual JRPG style RPGMaker games. It was simple, but it wasn't the mundane old same as always combat.

Overall, this game is not worth it unless perhaps you know Russian very well and you play it defaulty in Russian. If you don't know Russian, I wouldn't recommend this game because it's just too confusing.

Rating: 3.9\/10
Recommend Price: Under $0.14. This could be the worst game I have ever tried to play (yes tried) because the translations are terrible. I took the time to try and play even though I could not understand what the game needed me to to do. After struggling over and over Ive given up. Dont be fooled by the good reviews this game blows.. The translation is awful. I got this game because the plot looked interesting, but it doesn't really matter if you can't figure out what is going on. From the very tutorial there are blocks of untraslated text, and it only got worse once i got to the first town. I can't even begin to imagine how bad it gets later on if they couldn't even be bothered with the very beginning of the game.. Bought the game, really tried to like it. But just too many people errors and no support. \ud83d\ude26. Wow, what are great game! Very addictive and deep. Combat system in simple and unique.. Terrible localisation of what seems to be an unpolished game.. best game, really nice engine, killing bandits in a infinite loop is everything!!. i need my blow7 dude

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