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Original Title: Snake In The Eagle's Shadow

Genge: Action,Comedy
































Jackie Chan is a boy who is used as a janitor at his kung-fu school. Jackie Chan can't fight and is always getting bullied by the teachers and pupils. One day an old man helps Jackie train in an art of kung-fu called the ' Snake's Fist '. Jackie doesn't get bullied again. Then Jacki creates his own style and mixes it with the Snake's Fist. His style is based on the movement and actions of a cat. One day the old man is in trouble by a man who does ' The Eagle's Claw' and Jackie helps the old man.
Toward the end of the Ching Dynasty in China, a 200 year old clan known as the deadly Eagle Claw society has eliminated every martial art style except for the Snake Fist. An evil Eagle Claw master known as Lord Sheng Kuan (Hwang Jang-Lee- DRUNKEN MASTER, HIT MAN IN THE HAND OF BUDDHA) is obsessed with eliminating any member of the Snake Fist schools. Sheng Kuan and his clan go out to hunt down the last practitioner of the Snake Fist, Grandmaster Pai Cheng-Tien ("Simon" Yuen Siu-Tien- DRUNKEN MASTER). Pai Cheng-Tien goes into hiding disguised as a beggar while searching for his last surviving student (Fung Hak-On- WARRIORS TWO, John Woo's LAST HURRAH FOR CHIVALRY) not knowing that he was killed by Sheng Kuan. Pai Cheng-Tien is also unaware that the town he's hiding in is infested with Sheng Kuan's men. One day, an abused poor orphan named Chien Fu (Jackie Chan- RUSH HOUR, OPERATION CONDOR) "who can't fight and has no friends except for his cat" finds Pai Cheng-Tien being bullied around by rivals of the Eagle Claw school. He tries to help this seemingly defenseless beggar but doesn't know any martial arts which leaves room for him to witness the effective style of combat Cheng-Tien uses against the foes. After that incident, Pai Cheng-Tien decides to teach him the Snake Fist style so he can defend himself when trouble arrives but will that be enough to stop Lord Sheng Kuan and his clan when they track them down?
Snake in the Eagles shadow is one of the best Kung Fu movies, I really like Jackie's snake style in this movie. If anyone in here like Snakefist Kung Fu like me, it's a must see! I really like the actors in this movie. Hwang Jang Lee, Yuen Siu Tien, Roy Horan. Specially Hwang Jang Lee with his incredible kicking skills. Jackie VS Hwang is the ultimate Kung Fu fight! There's also some great Comic, like every other Chan movie. The acting is also great! The film is about Chien Fu the young Jackie. Who's Punchbag for a Kung Fu school. He's an orphan. He meets Yuen Siu Tien, which will become his Sifu in snake fist Kung Fu. The final match is between Jackie Chan and Hwang Jang Lee, which as i said before is the ultimate fight. This film is a great example, why the early Jackie Chan movies are the best! Snake in the eagles shadow is a true Jackie Chan classic!
for me this is Jackie second best film behind drunken master 2 and in front of drunken master why because the movie fight scenes, training scene and music especially jean Michel jarre's ogygen part 2 and magic fly by space. Jackie chan character is lovable, a orphan who is bullied and used as a punch bag by his martial art school trainers. even the villains are likable. why I have chosen this movie to be better than drunken master 1 is because of Jackie character who is more likable than the one in drunken master 1 who is a hooligan and enjoys picking on people. Also because of the story is more likable as well, the script is good, the movie is well shot especially the camera angles and filming location. overall for a martial arts fan I would have to give it a 10 out of 10, brilliant film

The British label Hongkong Legends has put on the market some really great DVD releases for fans of Asian movies over the years. But among these releases are also some black sheep, with Snake in the Eagle's Shadow being one of them. This version had to be cut due to the guide lines of the BBFC.

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow is almost 7.5 minutes shorter in Japan. There's no violent footage missing, some plot elements were removed though. Basically, it's the typical Hong Kong humor that's missing but one could speculate for what reason the visit to a brothel was cut. Irritatingly, a few quite harmless fight / training scenes are missing, too.


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