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Original Title: Siren

Genge: Action,Adventure,Horror,Mystery,Sci-Fi





































I really want to love this game. I do.

Amazing graphics, enemies and plot lines, and a distinct reference to Silent Hill.

But that annoying Triangle button that you have to press every time you want to do something is just plain stupid! It's a waste of time.

Sight Jacking is equally frustrating, as it takes you forever to understand why you're doing it in the first places (something that nun failed to tell me).

I'd watch it being played, but I don't think I could handle playing it myself. It's too annoying. For the most part, this is an enjoyable game. I've read lots of reviews on how terrible the voice-acting is, and although it's pretty bad, it's no worse than the dubbing in old Japanese action flicks. Most people's voices don't really fit the character, but other than that, I found it bearable. The graphics are great compared to most games I've played, however half the time you're walking around in the dark, so that definitely keeps you from appreciating them fully. This game literally terrified me for the first few weeks I had it. But afterwords, it was more frustrating than scary. The whole idea of the game is to escape the "Shibito"- humans who have mutated into demon-like husks of their former selves. You have to "sightjack" them to see through their eyes and wait for them to turn away from you, giving you an easy escape past them. It follows over 10 characters over a 3-day period, but goes in no particular order- unless you count skipping around levels aimlessly an order. This game took me almost a year to complete. It's horribly confusing, frustrating, and sometimes altogether pointless. I don't recommend getting this game if you're short-tempered or impatient. In fact, in some of the last levels, I was so angry over dying again and again, I brought out my handy-dandy Codebreaker and make my character invincible. So unless you want to get ticked off to the max and throw things at your TV screen, yell at your parents, or break the disk in half- I don't recommend Siren for you.


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