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About This Game

Aliens have waged wars countless of times in our history but nothing quite
like this. They've never been this close to winning much less taking over
all of humanity.

This time it's quite different, our skies have turned red as our forces
battle with the aliens in a final showdown over the planet. And it does
seem the aliens have won the battle of the skies and things look bleak for

And even now, aliens are dropping from their flagships on to the earth's
surface in a final bid to take over the planet and enslave humanity and it
is now up to our ground forces to make sure that does not happen. You are
our greatest warrior and our greatest hope for survival. The whole of
mankind is dependent on the mission that you will now execute, that is to
blast all aliens dropping in from the skies and prevent them from reaching
the earth's surface.

You and other warriors have intel about the entry points where the aliens
flagships are positioned and where they will try to drop to the earth from
the skies to form initial colonies.

Your mission, blast away all aliens dropping from the skies, and prevent
them from reaching the planet's surface.

Repel Aliens 3D is designed as a lightweight title, suitable for all ages
and can be played on any PC, it runs on minimum memory making it ideal for
lightweight PCs. 6d5b4406ea

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