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About This Game

Over 9000 Zombies! is top-down arcade action blown out of all reasonable proportions. An endless horde of zombies is coming your way, how long can you surv 5d3b920ae0

Title: Over 9000 Zombies!
Genre: Action, Indie
Loren Lemcke
Loren Lemcke
Release Date: 25 Feb, 2015


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Really fun! Very well made for such a cheap game. Has an awesome soundtrack, online multiplayer, and Steam workshop too.. The Best Shooting Chaos Game in 2D. screen gameplay on top, you better try this. If you can survive up to 20 Days. You are the awesome with the Gun's bullet down in the Blood of Chaos Zombies.. It seems it can overcome crimson land. I wasn't sure what to expect getting in to this game after reading through the reviews, but first time playing I really, really enjoyed it. Growing up playing lots of SNES games, for some reason it reminded me of SmashTV and I love that game to death. Aside from having to stay in just one area and fortifying yourself against zombie hoardes, it has that SmashTV feel to it: you kill a whole bunch of things and collect useful items. The only major difference is instead of toasters, microwaves and money you're collecting scrap metal and grenades to survive the massive amounts of zombies. Overall I really recommend this game. It has that feeling of a throwback while also capturing some elements relevent to modern games, especially the ever growing zombie survival genre. Don't be fooled by its pixel graphics either - to me that's probably one of the most enjoyable aspects of this game, and they're really well done in a way that's both enjoyable but also nostalgic.. It was fun to play for a while, but it became a bit too easy for my taste. Was playing two-player coop and we were in a round for at least 30 minutes, and eventually had to lose on purpose. Still a good game for the price (had it for about $1 on sale). Needs to be more challenging though.. The $9.99 price is the ultimate decision for me marking this as not recommended. I bought this game as a bundle (2 copies) on sale for $1.49, and for $1.49 I did enjoy this game for about 2 hours. My biggest complaint is that my brother and I, on our first try , fully upgraded every single gun and survived the waves until we became overpowered and the game no longer had any challenge. THE FIRST TRY- before we even knew how to play the game. And it was not difficult to do. There was no real effective strategy with the walls and the turrets, walking backwards away from the zombies while firing into them was sufficient enough to surive wave after wave. After completing everything (upgrading guns by killing with them) the game kinda just trailed off into monotonous wave after wave of similar powered zombies that posed little threat. And the game type or play does not change, so if I were to play again I would literally just be redoing everything I did the first game. There was also a lot of bugging with laying down the walls, my brother and I could not see a lot of each other's walls we were placing, causing us to wall each other in to areas accidentally. I will give the game some merit as it was a fun playthrough. The upgrading system is a plus, and there is a leveing up system that increases your damage, HP, health pickup, ect. They did well with this. There is a large amount of guns, maybe like 20ish. Some of them do operate very similarly though. There is a map editor option but all that really does it change the cosmetics (which are limited), not the strategy. Overall, the game had some good features, played smoothly, was co-op, guns/turret selection was plentiful, and you get to murder lots and lots of zombies. However, my brother and I completely unlocked everything and did everything the game had to offer on our first try. The replay value is literally just replaying the same thing. For the bundle price of $1.49 I can TOTALLY recommend it. $9.99 is where my negative review comes in.. lvl 1- eziest lvl 2- eziest lvl ?- I wish I had friends I wasted my time for fun, so. Worth it.. good game!. Good game, but it still need a lot of improve on User Interface. In this game. -you can't use my mouse in the menu. But I can use my mouse to shot. wait. what? -you can't see the order of the weapon, I die couple of time when I was trying to swicth my weapon. -when I pause the game, the first option is not "return to the game"? and that is at the second last option? Interesting. -where are the description of the weapon or turrets beside in game time. are you serious about that I need to read the description and handle all the zombies at the same time? -You missed to say in the "How to play", the "B" is use to active/DESACTIVE the build mode. -The option "How to play" is in the main menu and inside the "Option" menu. that interesting. -ZERO description on "Select Map". -"return to prior screen", can't you just put "Back" or "Return" ??? Oo -in game, when I pause the game, and select the "Quit to the Main Menu". Then a "Are you sure?" pop up. I typed "yes" or "no", and nothing happen.

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