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Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil On The Mississippi Patch 8 Download Pc

Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil On The Mississippi Patch 8 Download Pc

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About This Game

Down by the deep and muddy Mississippi, something’s not right. A ghostly riverboat brings to light a new conspiracy for players to unravel in this all-new Midnight Mystery.

Mark Twain’s ghost has come to you seeking help from an evil that has been stalking him in the afterlife. Trace the steps in Twain’s past that led to a lifetime of anguish. Twain’s passion for literary history reignites a controversial debate about the true identity of Shakespeare; the age-old question resurrects a series of malevolent characters. After waking an unexpected evil, Twain sets about to rid his time of the darkness, but the plot only thickens. With Twain’s help, you have to unravel the connections to try and set history straight while dangerous forces loom.

Who wrote the works of Shakespeare? And just how did Mark Twain get caught up in a strange Elizabethan rivalry all those years later? Find out in this Midnight Mystery!

Key Features:

  • Complete all-new adventure missions by searching through hidden objects for tools, collecting additional tools to solve brain-teasing puzzles and interviewing apparitions from the past
  • Figure out the connection between humorist Twain and the Elizabethan Shakespeare
  • Detailed hint system to help you at any step along the way

Collector’s Edition Includes:

  • Exclusive Bonus Mission! Explore all of Twain’s secrets
  • Helpful fully-integrated Strategy Guide
  • Peek behind the scenes with a treasure of Concept Art
  • 12 Beautifully illustrated Wallpapers
  • Bonus “Dem Bones” Game Mode
  • Explore the Panic Room to relive all the special effects

Title: Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Release Date: 28 Mar, 2012


Not bad at all.
Mechanics are a bit confussing.. The Midnight Mysteries series contains some of my favorite hidden object games. These are the more typical hybrid type games, that have some adventure elements (puzzles, moving between locations, talking to people) as opposed to the find-objects-only style.

Midnight Mysteries are interesting in that they are based on real historical events, then add some fictional what-ifs to fill in blanks or give alternate explanations for known events. As a result, not only are the fun as a game but they spark some interest in reading about the real events on Wikipedia.

MM3 goes into Mark Twain's past and the story of what happened to his brother. Very interesting stuff.. I am once again pleasantly suprised with MumboJumbo and this installment of the Midnight Mysteries series. So far, I like this one the best. It has a good story and nice crisp graphics. I enjoyed the atmosphere\/jumpscares. I wished more HOGs did this. It is nice to experience a slightly scary atmosphere without having to go to the horror genre. Sometimes you just want spooky but not "Outlast" scary. I also liked all the extra goodies included. Would recommend if on sale.. Good point and click hidden object. The Midnight mystery series are on a follow the ghost style plots and this is one of the best in the series.. Okay, a few of puzzles this one were very tricky. It took me over an hour to solve one of them. Kinda made me angry when I finaly figured it out.. InvestGames:
https:\/\/\/<\/a> - BLOG\/channel\/UC0dvDyLS4_kwbz8gYallU5g\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" >https:\/\/\/channel\/UC0dvDyLS4_kwbz8gYallU5g<\/a> - YouTube. Le meilleur et le plus abouti de la s\u00e9rie, je recommande de commencer par le 1 et le 2 histoire d'\u00eatre bien dans l'ambiance (et d'oublier que le 4 existe!!!).

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