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About This Game

Hit Tank PRO

Hit Tank is an addictive game of fast action that combines Strategy, Action and Challenge.

Badges :

Ready to take on the fight? Complete your mission while fighting cunning enemies in unique environments!.

Become a hero! Hit Tank will challenge you like never before.

Challenge players from around the world with the online leaderboards.

Features :

* 60 Unique Levels

* 9 Different Enemies

* Retro graphics levels

* 3 Game Modes :

  • - Missions
  • - Challenge
  • - Mode PRO
* 4 Levels of Difficulty to accommodate all types of players

* Realistic & Original System

* Game Options (Hitbox, Speed Etc ..)

* Leaderboard

Your turn to Play!


Title: Hit Tank PRO
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Strategy
Bacq Stellan
Release Date: 2 Dec, 2015


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This game is boring. No multiplayer, nothing.
. This one is a bad tank game. it's casual strategy tank game but lacks of mechanic.
I better play the original Battle Tanks rather than this.. Hit Tank Pro is a hard one to review, because if you put aside the fact that it feels unfinished, the art isn't the most beautiful and the controls aren't perfect, if you can get past that you can actually have some fun with this game.

It feels a lot like the old NES title 'Battle City', I haven't seen anything else like this in the store, so if you like that one and are looking for something similar you might enjoy this one too, because if it was literally incomplete, it would be a pretty decent game as the core mechanics are quite fun, but in it's current and possibly final state I just can't recommend it.. A fun and simple game in a similar vien as the old Atari game Combat. It is pretty cheap and fun, but it gets very repetative, so play in small bursts.

6.5/10. This game is so boring that I can't go on about half an hour.It's too simple to be boring.. This is a hard one, I like the game and is actually fun to play, it lacks controller support which should be mandatory for this kind of game. The main menu it's terrible, you mouse over anything and it'll be selected. The actual game is very fun to play but no score whatsoever, no goals to reach. I think the game has lots of potential but it needs something else to grab the players. I recommend it AT a lower price, it is not worth what is asked at this stage.. This could have been a decent game if it had multiplayer,. local or network.
But it does not.. A Cross Between Bezerk, and the Tank game from atari,
Idea is not as original as claimed, wish levels ran concurrent, add achievements and cards, multiplayer would be cool, The music was bad♥♥♥♥♥but is only a short piece that ends fast leaving you with tank sounds. Maybe more weapons. Missions, maybe bases?. cool game to chill and test your reflex. It reminds me of my 8bit golden times. It's easy to control the tank, it's hard enough to take a lot of my time and it's addicting. It's also perfect for kids training motor coordination due to it's nice mechanics and strategy elements.

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