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About This Game

GEO Master is a 3D geography game. This game has different learning modes. You have the opportunity to explore the globe, you can test your knowledge and then compare your score obtained during timed games on the whole planet or on the continent of your choice !
The UNESCO mode allows you to test your knowledge on the most famous monuments and landmarks of our world.
The Incredible Facts mode presents you disturbing and amazing facts about the Earth you probably never heard before !

You can also enter 1v1 competitions with your friends in the real-time multiplayer mode, online or on local network.

Learn, remember and enter friendly competitions ! There is nothing simpler to learn more about geography while having fun. 7ad7b8b382

Title: GEO Master
Genre: Casual, Indie
Anthony KOZAK
Release Date: 31 Mar, 2016


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A great a learning tool. Highly recommend.. I really enjoy this game, works smooth, almost no bugs, specially like modes or minigames, recommend to everyone who want to learn something from games!. A slightly interesting game, with very simple graphics. Works like a interactive map for those who want to learn geographic wisdoms, thou not many. Has bugs slightly. But, nothing serious, yet xD

Is it worth 2.99? Maybe... If your meal costs more than 3.00 for smth then yes... It's a simple and even useful tool if you want to learn geography. It not.... then go to a library or wikipedia.. GEO Master is a game available for PC and Mac (through Steam and iTunes for the Mac version) and on mobiles\/tablets under iOS and Android. The goal is to get a maximum of points by answering right at geography questions such as "what is the capital of this country" or "where is this country", etc.. Many applications exist - though this is one of the few you can find on Steam - but this one is efficient, simple and sober AND ice on the cake: it's in French too!

There are several modes (with choice of difficulty) based on a 3D globe:

  • Free Mode: you can travel on the globe without any question and click on a country to discover the flag, the capital and an estimation of the population.
  • Practice\/Learning: you have to locate a country given to you, knowing that their names are shown on the globe.
  • Countries challenge: you have to locate a maximum of countries in a limited time.
    • Easy: non-random countries, with 10 hints and with a possibility of choosing worldwide or a continent
    • Normal: random countries, with 5 hints and only worldwide
    • Hard: random countries, without any help and only worldwide<\/li><\/ul><\/li>
    • Capitals challenge: you have to locate a maximum of countries in a limited time thanks to the capitale - for the difficulty, see above
    • UNESCO: the goal is to find monuments\/sites of interest in a limited time
      • Easy: non-random countries, with 10 hints
      • Normal: random countries, with 5 hints
      • Hard: random countries, without any help<\/li><\/ul><\/li>
      • Mode Quizz: des questions sont pos\u00e9es sur les pays, \u00e0 vous d'y r\u00e9pondre \u00e0 un maximum dans le temps imparti
        • Easy: random questions , with a possibility of choosing worldwide or a continent with 10 hints and without any question on the flag or population
        • Normal: random questions, with questions on the flag but without any on the population and only worldwide
        • Hard: random countries, with questions on the flag and on the population and only worldwide<\/li><\/ul><\/li>
        • Incredible Facts: some facts are presented
        • Multiplayer: play against people in local or online (I didn't test that mode)<\/li><\/ul>
          As you can see, GEO Master is quite varied in terms of modes. If UNESCO challenge isn't prepared at all as the practice or the free mode are just about the countries, the rest is quite easy (well, if your memory is good). However, be warned as GEO Master isn't following any political move and is probably following something official written somewhere: Crimea is part of Ukraine - if you followed the Ukraine-Russia actuality, you know that Crimea asked to be part of Russia and is considered as such by Russia while many other countries don't recognize that - and you can find Western Sahara and Palestinians are represented. And you will be surprised to see that GEO Master is precise when it comes to many little islands in the Pacific or the Carrabeans.

          I have a little problem with the game however: some mistakes can be found for the population. Indeed, Belgium is said to have 10 millions of persons when the last census is indicating 11 millions. I'll confess that living in the country that may be concerned is also an asset to sight that kind of stuff.

          Anyway, the more you score, the more you're climbing in the leaderboards and leveling up. That's another little push to play the game for those liking that kind of gameplay.

          Graphically, GEO Master is very good. You can even see the Moon turning around the Earth. However, I'll suspect that for aesthetics reasons, the Sun is turning around the Earth when it's the contrary in the reality. Three views are possible: satellite, flat map with somber water and flat map with clear water - which is my favorite view. The music is very relaxing and nice.

          I managed to crash the game, though I'm not the only one to have the problem in the quizz mode. I don't know if it was a matter of being too speed or if I was nearing the end. Anyway, there is a bug making you stay on the same country with a question without any tie to it.

          In other words, GEO Master is a good little geography game, with many possibilities (even if you can imagine something going further), for every age. Even the price of 3 bucks is very interesting. Anyway, if you want some educational game, go ahead, it's in English and for the French talkings, it's in French too!. I really enjoy this game, works smooth, almost no bugs, specially like modes or minigames, recommend to everyone who want to learn something from games!. Great for learing!. Multiplayer doesn't work.

          Rest of the game seems okay. I'll probably keep it. But jeez dudes. I just wanted that sweet sweet multi magic.

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