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Original Title: Drive

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller















































A drama about various people competing in an illegal cross-country road race.
"Drive" is a new thrilling action show about people who are forced to take part in an illegal cross country race! If they win the race they will receive 32 million dollars! (Maybe????) From the start you will be sucked in this show! The people who have organized this race have picked out different characters for a reason! In a very fast pace you will get to know them and what compels them to do the race! For example (Nathan Fillion) Alex Tully's wife has been kidnapped by this mystery group responsible for the race and now he will do everything to get his wife back! And you've got a Wendy Patrakas ( Melanie Lynskey) who's baby is taken and also seems to be running away from an abusing husband! They are only two of many! All these different characters will get assignments and encounter each other on the way! Maybe they will help each other or they will do anything to stop each other! After seeing two episodes a lot can and will happen!The mix of action,humor and drama is excellent! I really want to find out what this is all about! Who is behind the race? Who is running the show? I hope that they will maintain this level of suspense and drama! So far so good!
This show brings a lot of promise and moments of simple good fun.I just saw the first two episodes and the special effects look nice,the soundtrack is awesome,scenario-decent.The cast is well picked.Nathan Fillion fits the bill very good as a leading man.''Drive'' is now a 8/10 for me.But like I said,it has its deal of promise and may become a truly great show if they don't spoil with the story.My concern is the rather very evasive storyline in what concerns the people behind ''The Race''.I don't hurry to judge considering I only saw two episodes.The cars are very well chosen and there is nothing very ''fast&furious'' scifi rocket things in them.The firebird is a kick-ass ride and so is the low-rider.I like Fillion's truck which seems to be as powerful as a dodge charger even though is rusty piece of junk!:)


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