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Original Title: Nightmare On The Red Ball Run

Genge: Action,Drama,War










































A tyrannical sergeant, snipers and a dangerous cargo plague Kirby and Littlejohn as they drive trucks to the front lines.
Kirby gets kudos for seeing what he can do on his own without the Sarge around. It was great seeing him using his BAR and being an effective ground soldier. Although Kirby would never hear the words from the Sarge's lips, he would understand the smirk on the Sarge's face. Sarge would be proud!

The German snipers looked a bit too American in their cameo. Not sure if that was historically correct .. We also learn that Kirby drove a beer truck one time in his life.

Since Kirby is my favorite character, I always look for Kirbyisms. Rosie say: have you ever fought a half track? Kirby: No. No this is the first time. "Nightmare On The Red Ball Run" is a story about obsession. Sergeant Rose aka "Rosie" (excellently played by Claude Akins) needs to get his supply trucks to the front; and they take priority over everything else human needs included. When vehicular accidents began happening, Rosey is ordered to take on two extra relief drivers. And Kirby & Littlejohn come calling.

The beginning sequence is our favorite 30 second archival footage colorized for the first time; awesome!

Dan Weisburd wrote an excellent screenplay which brings about sarcastic conflict between Rosie, Kirby, & Littlejohn. It's fun watching Kirby meet his match in Rosie; any less formidable opponent would have met with fisticuffs from the wiry BAR man. The story flows amidst 3 major obstacles which must be dealt with.

Director Michael Caffey did a fine job picking up excellent close-ups of Rosie & Kirby having it out. Combat scene timing was flawless and the viewing audience is treated to German half track realism. A.D. Flowers put together a spectacular ending to compliment the beginning sequence.

"Nightmare On The Red Ball Run" will definitely entertain you.
That is how it appears in the credits; however, he appears as a staff sergeant and is probably a squad leader. Walt Davis, the frequently appearing, but seldom credited actor does play a medic in this episode.


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