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Direct Hit: Missile War Download Link Pc

Direct Hit: Missile War Download Link Pc

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About This Game

In the distant future, the coming of a technological Golden-age brings reality to humanity’s dream of reaching out to other planets. Corporate exploration probes swarm the depths of space, seeking out resource-rich worlds to colonize and exploit. But even in the vastness of space, and true to human nature, disputes over colonization rights soon emerge. Great corporate war-fleets gather, ready to defend their claims. The Earth Federation, humanity’s central government, devises a contest called “Missile War” to prevent a descent into total war. In “Missile War” two rival corporations establish a base on the contested planet’s surface, harvest its resources, and engage in an isolated missile duel. Trade of harvested minerals is permitted, but interference by other corporations is not. The winner, the last corporation standing, is given full rights to the colony, and is taxed by the Earth Federation. Everybody wins; or do they?

Direct Hit: Missile War offers a deep strategic experience to those weary of the never ending stream of Command and Conquer clones that dominate the real-time strategy market. While tipping its hat to console classics such as Megalomania, Direct Hit brings many fresh ideas to the table, in particular: separate player maps, and the replacement of classic RTS units by customizable missiles. Set in a Golden-age of planetary colonization, players must battle for mining rights to resource-rich planets by competing in explosive duels called Missile Wars. To win a missile war, players have to build, scan for and mine resources, trade, research, and of course, design the means of their enemies’ destruction: missiles!


The game is a mix of genres:
- Unique strategy gameplay system
- Classic RTS

- 7 stages (14 missions)
- 5 tech levels (over 60 technologies)
- Over 30 types of missile parts. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Direct Hit: Missile War
Genre: Indie, Strategy
Polynetix Studio, WIWD Development
Polynetix Studio, WIWD Development
Release Date: 1 Mar, 2011


  • OS: Windows XP SP3, 7, 8
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 6600 or higher
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
  • Additional Notes: Keyboard and Mouse


direct hit missile war download. direct hit missile war скачать. direct hit missile war

what a let down. Bugged, crush in game - confirmed. = Unplayable.... Requires micromanagement. Needs refinements to be fun. I wanted to like this game, because I like the idea of a missle command game. Everywhere I look in this game, I see an unnecesary roadblock to do what I want. This game takes time to figure out (which is acceptable for complex games) but you do not get much help. Confusing tutorial screens only hint at how the game works. There is a large basebuilding component to the game, but you cannot rotate the buildings. Precious space is wasted trying to accomadate this artificial limitation. When I want to build missles, I must first build all the parts myself. This might be ok, but the build screen in the factory is so clunky that you waste a fair amount of time trying to say what you want to build. You cannot choose amounts of things to build, you can only slowly increase the count one by one. (The count is not increasable in, say fives or tens). You can also choose to build as many as materials allow, but I don't want to store that many. You can also not queue different types of production, so after building 5 missle engines, you must wait for the production run to complete before you begin to 5 missle cameras, and so on. After you do manage to build a missle, you must target and fire them one by one unless you have multiple launch facilities, despite the launch center having six visible missle tubes on it. Once you fire the missle into the unknown enemy area, the lowest level recon missle reveals a 3x3 grid of squares of a perhaps 50x50 enemy playing field. Once I had fired 5 such missles into the enemy area and found nothing at all, I realized i was having no fun. Other imperfections include needing to cancel out of screens you are in to defend against incoming missles (there should be a reliable direct way), a thiiin story, and a background song that plays only once before being silent.

I'm assuming later technologies will make attacking and scouting the enemy more easy, but I'm not willing to suffer through the battles needed to get them.

So, what would it take to make this game fun? Once a missle is designed, I should be able to build them directly at the factory. Allow quicker and better control over the numbers of things I'm building or selling. Make it easier to plan and fire vollies of missles.. The game's pace of the AI is a real problem.

Any development on future content \/ updates are abandoned.

Overall found the game lacking in fulfilment.. the best thing about this game was uninstalling it. Direct Hit: Missile War is one of the Best Si-Fi RTS Game.
If you are looking for a good Si-Fi RTS game and want to see somthing diffrent from other RTS...then Direct Hit: Missile War is best one.
Future Tech Buildings and diffrent Missile Technology feel us diffrent experience.
We can Play campaing with two diffrent Opponent if we wan to play with Easy difficulty then we may go for easy opponent and if we want to play Hard then go for a another opponent with High or Medium Difficulty at the starting.
OR we may go for easy at starting to get unlocked some Advanced Missile Tech then you may go for High or Medium Difficult opponent.--- so the Stratagy is depend on you.

Over all.... I setsfy with this game.
I also shared some screen shot of this game for Public on my steam.
. I like the concept of each player trying to build up their base on their own map and only shooting missiles at each other, but it's not very well executed. You spend all your time micromanaging problems like having enough storage space. The interface is clumsy too. It ends up being more frustrating than fun.. What can I say but rubbish, if you want to waste time and money buy this game it is that bad.
It has poor user controls,
poor instructions \/ none,
poor music nearly drove me nuts,
20 years behind modern games.

What would make it work better,
Better music
User controls
Spent more time developing this game
A better story line. Very disappointing, even at the price as it's so close to being at least decent but the UI quirks and design decisions really add up to something subpar.

And the premise looks so good at first: a combination of the SNES game Metal Marines with the missile and mining focus of Fragile Allegiance, two great tastes that should go great together but just falls short of those expectations. Like Metal Marines, you play on your own little square of the world and your opponent settles on another, and you attack each other by launching surgical strikes, and like Fragile Allegiance, you make most of your cash and weapons through the refining of minerals. It's not quite as in-depth as either, but on paper it at least seems like it SHOULD be an interesting streamlining of those two games.

But it isn't. In Fragile Allegiance, complicated though it was, at least had more interesting decisions: resources were limited and prone to boom and bust cycles when sold on the open or black market, so you really did have to question whether it was worth making a mega-missile or selling the ore and allocating those funds someplace else. When an asteroid went dry, would you keep it as a population center for passive income? A heavily-defended storage facility to funnel all your materials into? A giant industrial complex that shipped in things from elsewhere and put out fleets and nukes? Or would you just strap a giant engine on it and ram it into a rival corp's colony?

In Direct Hit, there's none of that. You just make missiles, launch recon warheads to find what you're looking for, and then slam more damaging rockets into them. I would've loved to have seen if the full tech tree offered anything more interesting, but for whatever reason there's no customizable skirmish mode whatsoever for you to play with and see everything right off the bat.

Not that I would've had the patience to stick with it anyway because of the ridiculous interface and design decisions Polynetix has made. For one thing, buildings can't be rotated at all. In most games this wouldn't be a problem but every structure has one or more power-connection points that need to be attached to your settlement's power grid. If you want to set up your windmill farms vertically then too bad. You also can't click and drag when placing buildings, each must be placed with an individual click. Constructed builds can be demolished but not moved, which immediately becomes a pain since you start every map by having to place your dropship, but you can set it down and end up covering a convenient patch of ore; all of a sudden a field of handy metallium becomes unobtainium because you've inadvertently blocked your own access to it. It would've been such an easy fix to just make the dropship a kind of do-it-all building (which it already sort of is since it handles trade and provides some power) that can maybe mine at a slower rate than refineries, but they didn't think to do that.

The research is really nothing special and has a pretty silly tier to it where building your first lab unlocks military tech, but you need a second one to research economics. Why not just let me choose either one right off the bat and then I can make the decision to make another lab if I want to speed things up? I don't even get a new, different-looking econ lab to make things more interesting. Though, that's probably appropriate since seemingly all the econ techs are just boring "you now do this plus whatever percent better" rather than anything cool. There's also no easily-glanced-at percentage bar on the main screen to show how far along your research has progressed, you have to look into the science menu every time.

And the combat system itself might've been passable but, once again, the UI cripples it. The way it works is you have access to two kinds of silos: AMLs, which shoot down incoming missiles, and CMLs, which launch them at your opponent. Whenever an enemy launches something at you, the garbled, barely-intelligible robot announcer lets you know, and you then have to click on the radar menu and then on any of the available AML missile buttons to launch them at the incoming rockets. There's no automation; you can't just stock up on interceptors and tell the computer how many missiles you want to launch at each incoming attack, you HAVE to micromanage. I can only imagine how irritating this would get in the later missions against a more tenacious AI.

Attacking isn't so hot either: you make the missiles in a factory, and they're equally distributed to each CML. I never figured out how to shift inventories between different silos as they can each hold up to like ten missiles, and once a rocket's been prepped for launch, you CANNOT switch them out for another until it's been fired. But most egregious of all with this is that you load rockets and set their targets on the same menu... but despite there being a giant "MISSILE READY" button on the bottom right of the screen, you DON'T click that to launch it. Instead, you have to click to another tab in the radar\/rocket menu and launch it from there. Keeping in mind this same screen contains a list of every rocket you launch, which would be fine were it not for the fact that the list DOESN'T SCROLL AT ALL, forcing you to manually click on every previously shot rocket since your ready-to-launch ones are near the bottom of the list, which causes the screen to switch over to the opponent's view and forces you to go back to the rocket menu and clear the other past launches one by one. You can't even right-click to dismiss them without snapping your view to the impact site. It's like a window back to 1997 strategy-sim gaming, only even games like Fragile Allegiance and MoO2 had some elegance to their controls despite being far more complex.

It almost could've been something sorta-simple-yet-decent, an alright super-budget title to waste an afternoon or two on, but it just ends up being a dud thanks to several design screwups. Not recommended.

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