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Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - Total Modifications Download] [Ativador]

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - Total Modifications Download] [Ativador]

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About This Content

In Total Modification DLC you will have unique sandbox mode for all of you, which want to have some unlimited fun and not bothering about game money.
Also all 13 cars from this DLC will have unique modifications, which you cannot do yourself in game. Similar to modding, but it will not break your game saves or replace standard cars.

Collection of 13 classic Car Mechanic Simulator's cars modificated in a crazy way. Lowered suspensions, big rims, crazy engine swaps, and many more!
This DLC will also introduce you to Sandbox Mode in which you can play with all cars, and not worry about money or upgrades! Jump into instant fun mode!

Modified cars in this DLC :
  • Maluch Drag V6
  • Bolt Reptilia Slammed V8
  • Sakura Moon AWD W12
  • Tempest Magnum AWD W12
  • Rino Piccolo Monster
  • Salem Kieran L6
  • Salem Flamo Drag V8
  • Delray Custom AWD W12
  • Mayen M8 Race
  • Echos Cobra Drag
  • Sakura GT20 Drag V8
  • Castor Earthquake DUB
  • Katagiri Katsumoto JDM

All cars could be bought via Auction Room.

To access Sandbox Mode, just create new profile and tick Sandbox Mode checkbox. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - Total Modifications
Genre: Indie, Racing, Simulation
Red Dot Games
PlayWay S.A.
Release Date: 20 Feb, 2017


Ik heb deze DLC gekocht maar ik kan hem niet spellen, er staat dat ie nog in mijn bibliotheek staat dus nog niet gedownlaod is weet miss iemand wat ik veder moet doen?. I wanted to do the modifcations not have pre modded cars... All I gotta say is I've been waiting for a mode like this forever!
It's pretty nice since you have all upgrades and infinite money without hacks.
(Not saying I ever did use them.)

Love this, if you're a fan of CMS15 and get frustrated at running out of money when your doing an order, this is what you need and it's well worth the price.. It doesn't show up with the pictures and names of the cars, hope this will be fixed in the next update. And also, where is the spoiler on the Maluch and the wide body?. This is my review on this DLC
This DLC is amazing to start off, you have a lot of modifications, such as Motor swaps....Well you have to buy the car with the that has the engine in it, Which I think is BS. It's a Engine Swap, not a buy an whole different car.
Now the thing with "Lowered suspensions" is that you have to buy cars that are pre-lowered. Meaning you can't lower them. (Which I was really hoping on. That way I could chose how low or how high the car sits.) Another thing about the lowered cars is that some of the parts are clipping through the body of the car. I can see the rear shocks in the drivers seat. So Red Dot just lower the body. I was really also hoping on coil overs. The Green stanced car. That has the negative camber, is also a preset meaning you can't change it.
I did a quick full upgrade on the "Echos Cobra Drag" I got it up to 1800HP almost 1900HP, and I can't even drive it down the drag strip. It will just spin in every gear ECT 6th but after 2K RPMs that gear was gone, and yet again I was spinning my tires. Did I mention I was using Drag Tires? Because I was the whole time. I got zero traction and couldn't make a pass at all, which was very disappointing.
Do I think this was over hyped? Just a bit.
Over all, if you want to customize your car that little bit more that Red Dot has given us 3$ is worth it. It's not over priced for what your getting. I would recommend this to any of my friends BUT tell them what they can and can't do.
"If" I had power on what to do about the suspension issue is that I would add an alignment test room. Where we can do anything that a alignment technician would.. Main photo shows a spolier on the Maluch. I don't see spoilers anywhere is this dlc or in the game what so every. Kinda dissapointing to be honest.. Its cool. But... it add all of these as new cars, rather the modifications to existing ones, so its now even harder to find a model your looking for. Havent seen a 200SL since I was in the reparing other peopls cars phase of the game.
If this was more like the engine swap ability, it would be killer. But 10 second Malch is a riot, even if (for some reason) its Deloran powered.. Awesome! Works very Good. Love this Game!. At first, I didn't like this dlc at all because I thought it would give me total freedom in modifying my cars. But that's not possible. You'll have to choose between a certain number of cars. But these are brutal. At least when you are done with all the modifications you can aplly.

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