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Aces Of The Luftwaffe Torrent Download [hacked]

Aces Of The Luftwaffe Torrent Download [hacked]

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About This Game


YOU have to show what you’re made of as the war over Europe is in full swing. Fight waves of Axis planes and panzers until you hit the boss enemies – the ACES OF THE LUFTWAFFE.

✪✪✪ THE STORY ✪✪✪
It is the darkest hour for England. The Axis are sending their best into the Battle of Britain, and only a handful of brave pilots are left to destroy them. Get into your war plane and don’t let go of the trigger before each and every enemy has been blown out of the skies! But even if you vanquish the notorious Aces of the Luftwaffe, are you prepared to take the fight to the mainland?

Will YOU foil the occult plans of the Luftwaffe to spread darkness over England?

  • Fight thousands Of Enemy Air Planes
  • Choose and Upgrade Your Plane and Pilot
  • Beat Super tough Bosses
  • Fly Bombastic Missions
  • Enjoy Mighty Power-ups

Thank you for playing ‘Aces of the Luftwaffe’! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Aces of the Luftwaffe
Genre: Action
Aces of the Luftwaffe
Release Date: 6 May, 2015

English,French,Italian,German,Dutch,Japanese,Korean,Portuguese,Simplified Chinese,Swedish,Traditional Chinese,Turkish

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This is an old school, arcade-style shooter. Nothing particularly special. It's also a port of a mobile game, and it's very obvious.

* It clearly looks like it was designed for a tall resolution (i.e. holding your phone in portrait mode to play), as all the graphics are oriented that way, if you look closely.
* Your plane auto-fires constantly, you just need to worry about accuracy and dodging for the most part.
* It's very typically grindy, and appears to have been balanced around the usual mobile model of, "slow progress unless you pay." Thankfully, any actual "Pay2win" has been stripped from this port, but the grind remains.

At full price? Not a chance. At a dollar or less? Sure, it's a fun little diversion if you want something mindless to play and feel nostalgic for the old games. The graphics are very '80s arcade' and the sound is decent. Catchy tunes, and no annoying sound effects (that I've found). Lots of little voice quips from allies and enemy bosses.

Another thing worth noting is that the planes all make an effort at looking like what they're supposed to, so the devs at least put in a modest amount of homework. Bosses are, of course, completely ridiculous, but that's a genre conceit and charming. Perhaps even required.

I know this one didn't get amazing reviews, but at a discount, I recommend it. I've paid more for worse and still not felt completely ripped off.. Crap from phones. No Vertical view, \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 controls, invisible bullets, boring levels etc. Graphics is kinda nice but this game is waste of \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing time. Stay away, do something else.. Suprisingly nice-looking port from mobile platforms. Gameplay MOSTLY of a moderate difficulty, with only a few bosses and levels presenting a hard challenge. I found my hands trembling from adrenaline rush when fighting bosses from Flight of the Dragon and Night over Europe, I must say :)

There is, however, a BIG problem with this game. Since it was originally designed to have micro-transactions, it has a progressively steep price for upgrades, which forces you to grind easier missions over and over again. Also, ingame currency is needed to unlock each successive chapter in story, which leads to even more grinding. While such approach is unfortunately acceptable on mobile, it translates badly to PC, especially since you don't even have an option to pay instead of grind here. However, the game keeps its save file in plain-text format, and it's very easy to edit it, so if you find yourself tired of grinding, just go ahead and give yourself 10000 medals :)

Despite the problems, I still give this game a thumbs up, because I had fun playing it.. While not bad for the first hour or so, the progression soon slows down and then the grind gradually kicks in to become a tedious waste of time. Yet another mobile game thrown onto Steam without the microtransactions business model properly taken care of and zero consideration for the single-player PC gamer who, in good-faith, shows an interest in the game.

Developers, and any other developers who share this practice and fail to optimise their game for the single-player PC audience, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.. It's furious, it's hard, and it's very rewarding. Love the music!

Controls need a little fine tuning (sensitivity is high on some game pads). 7.5\/10

Fun, Frustrating and charming.

Almost everything there is to look for in a bullet hell game.

Needs more opportunities to be able to dodge bullets.

More would be excellent.

It is four quid, pick it up if you have spare cash.

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