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5 Headed Shark Attack Tamil Pdf Download ->>>

Original Title: 5 Headed Shark Attack

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller





































Shaped like a demented starfish, a monster 5-headed shark terrorizes the open ocean before invading the beaches of Puerto Rico, endangering the once peaceful island paradise.
A four headed shark makes the Puerto Rico coast his private buffet as he chomps on models, photographers, surfers at a surf competition, plus the beach bunnies at the competition on the beach. The police and the aquarium team are at a loss as one by one the 4 headed, now a 5 headed shark , with jaws and a head now at its tail are taking them out now. Will man defeat beast? Who will survive?
This movie is so ridiculous. You see the shark jumps out of the water yet people in this movie still stays in the corner. Far from reality lmao.
This is not a bad movie but the CGI could have been done better. The acting is OK. With the CGI it seems at times the body of the shark is skinnier making the 4 heads seem even larger. At other times fatter. Also at the first attack the tail looked like a regular shark tale. Later the tail started morphing into the 5th head. Toward the end the 5th head lost the fin that made it look like it had a Mohawk.

The other reviewer missed a scene. The 5th head does in fact eat, one time. When the female cop falls off the boat the 5th head gets to enjoy the meal too.


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