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15 Days Crack Pirates Bay

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About This Game

A three-man activist group has set out to make the world a better place by stealing famous pieces of art in the world's most renowned museums, selling them to private collectors, and donating the money to charity.

Though hunted by police forces, the group manages to stage one successful coup after another - until one day a mysterious new client appears and the group finds itself in the middle of a political conspiracy...

Key Features

  • Mystery conspiracy adventure game with unexpected story twists
  • Current, believable game world
  • Contemporary visual language
  • Pointed script
  • Fast-paced, dynamic narration
  • Interesting technical gadgets that allow realistic interaction with the environment
  • 4 different playable characters on both sides (police & activists)
  • Accessible thanks to very moderate difficulty

Title: 15 Days
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
House of Tales
Release Date: 25 Jun, 2010


  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 32 or 64 bit
  • Processor: 1,6 GHz Intel or AMD
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 compliant video card Shader Model 2 and 128 MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible card


Highly unstable. Game crashes randomly and frequently to desktop, with a dubious pop up message inviting you to send an error report to the developer. Had to rely on a game walkthrough video on youtube for an explanation of the plot at that one point towards the end of the game, at the cells, as I could never get a proper explanation of the plot by the characters without the game crashing. Had to save the game at every single stage, after every major plot sequence or dialogue, to avoid having to repeat the segment. The game feels unfinished - like they had never worked out how to fix the bugs.

The character models only wear one outfit throughout the entire game, even though the story takes place over several locations and several days. The female protagonist has the most awful outfit. Minor characters all look alike (guards and soldiers). A couple of the high tech puzzles have instruction that make no sense - at least there was an option to skip the puzzles, otherwise I wouldn't know how I could have got through the game, regardless of the game crashes.

The only things nice about this game are the story, the characters, the textures, the location graphics, the movie sequences and the dialogue.

Only buy this game as part of the Publisher bundle as they do have nice adventure games.. For the record, House of Tales was the same company that made Mystery of the Druids back in 2001, plus two other point-and-click adventures that I have yet to play.

Druids, while an awful game, was at least hilarious for both its nonsensical puzzles and poor writing and animation. It was the perfect kind of trainwreck. 15 Days, on the other hand, just left me feeling angry afterwards. I'm not going to go spoiling the plot here to explain, but let's just say this game's horrible reputation is not at all unjustified.

I wouldn't recommend experiencing this for yourself, even if you do have the same bile fascination, since it's a very unstable piece of software and WILL crash consistently in certain parts unless you run technical wizardry on it. Just save your $10 and wait until the Wrongpurae comes out if you're really curious.. Admittedly I didn't get very far but I didn't want to. 15 days suffers from that directionless feel some Click'n'points have. The puzzles need to be completed not because of any in world reason- (I wasn't allowed to get in the car until I phoned an old friend to just talk shop. This apparently is neccessary for the stor, even though it has no apparent effect on the next part and could be done upon return as well.) This means puzzles aren't intuitive and instead rely on the player interacting in every possible way with any interactive object to make sure they can open the next door. 'Puzzles' can be as simple as 'hey, pass me that item that is right next to me'. There's no reward to doing tasks like that- it's minimal interaction to prevent the entire thing being one very awkward cutscene.
I don't mind the graphics for the time the game was made, although it does suffer from occasional animation glitches meaning your character will jump from standing, to sitting in the chair, to standing again. It also makes the conversations between characters feel incredibly awkward, especially for characters with more wooden voice actors.

When the game crashed I didn't load it back up.. It is an avarage adventure game but this isn't a bad thing. The bad thing is it crashes so many times that you cannot finish it. I've tried some patches but no good. Stay away.. pauses)
(is silent)

Worth playing just to get to the last line so you can realise how cheesy it is.. The graphics are sub bar, the interface is a nightmare, and the biggest "screw you" of them all is that it CONSTANTLY crashes. I couldn't even get past a certain level because it constantly crashed. I finaly just gave up. STAY AWAY. I kept wishing for death. These characters are far from sneaky and should be arrested for stupidity among other things. It is a miracle the main character has survived as long as she has. The game did crash on me a few times. I welcomed the crash at the end and I just didn't care about the outcome, so I didn't even try to play it again. However, I do like how you get to switch between characters to perform different tasks that all lead to the same goal. I just think there was way too much talking and not enough action/puzzles.

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