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What is Artificial intelligence (AI) ?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence tactics by machines, specifically computer structures. These strategies include learning (the purchase of facts and regulations for using the data), reasoning (the use of policies to attain approximate or precise conclusions) and self-correction.

As machines emerge as increasingly succesful, duties taken into consideration to require "intelligence" are frequently eliminated from the definition of AI, a phenomenon…


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How to Use LSI Keywords to Boost SEO Traffic? in 2019

1) What are LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords?

LSI keywords are usually the highlighted words and phrases in the search result descriptions and are considered the most relevant to the original keywords.

2)Use LSI Keywords in the Description

The good meta description is excessively helpful when it comes to SEO. Use your main keyword and an LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword phrase in your description

3)Use the Main Keyword and two Semantic Keywords in Your…


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Effective SEO Techniques for 2019 | less Effort & High gain

These are the few SEO off page activities that will boost your ranking –

  • Start answering on Quora & other Q & A platform
  • Make YouTube videos – tutorials or tips.
  • Check your broken links & fix them
  • Create appealing infographics.
  • Focus on LSI keywords & update your website blog.
  • Do SEO Site audit every 15 days to check the issues.

Apart from this, I’m going to share my backlinks list that will ease your…


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